Front page review in the Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

shotgun_logo_-bestI developed, wrote and performed percussion in the production “The Salt Plays Part One: In the Wound.” It was a badass retelling of The Iliad, with battle scenes, whirling set pieces and an ensemble of over 20.

I worked with the director, Jon Tracy, and the music director, Brendan West, in order to help create a comprehensive and cohesive soundscape, replete with intense and groovy battle-drums, ethereal chimes and pockets of percussive tension, dripping with danger. The percussion itself was done on oil drums, hubcabs, bike spokes, bells, shakers etc.

I also played Hektor throughout the show, so I was jumping back and forth between acting, battling and drumming. One of my most fun experiences to date.


Magic Theatre LogoI played in the pit for the 4-hour, epic circus production “The Lily’s Revenge.” This was a combination of standard musical pit percussion (learning/sight-reading written grooves in a few days) as well as developing a percussive 30-minute soundscape for a dance section. I worked closely with the musical director, Christopher Winslow (who premiered his new musical, Mr. Irresistible, in New York in Summer 2013), on the music, and dance director Erika Chong Shuck on the dance section. The show was beautiful piece of original theater on one hand, and an endurance test on the other; 4 hours of percussion, 6 nights a week.

GOW Shot for Percussion


TheatreFirst LogoI played Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath. With the role came a myriad of percussion elements and accents. I drummed with big sticks on the ground, I drummed on a “jalopy drum kit”, water jug, grate, can, and I beat boxed. I developed a lot of fun percussion for this piece, as well as had a blast playing the lead in this production. Visionary director, Jon Tracy, does it again.